8 Surprising Problems Because of Missing Teeth

If you have missing teeth then you’re not alone. The American Dental Association estimates that the average adult American between the ages of 20 and 64 has three or more missing teeth. 

You may be missing teeth because of tooth decay, gum disease, or trauma. And this leads to consequences to your oral health. There are, however, other types of problems that missing teeth can bring.

Problems With Missing Teeth

If you are missing teeth because of trauma, gum disease, or decay, what problems are you likely to face?

Difficulties Chewing

You use your teeth for biting, tearing, and for chewing. Even with just one missing tooth, these tasks can be difficult. Another problem is that crispy foods can scratch the gums where teeth used to be causing pain. You then might start avoiding certain foods that are required for a healthy diet.  

Dental shifting

Your teeth are reliant on the support that each tooth gives. If you have a missing tooth, the remaining teeth can spread towards the space it has left. This movement can then affect the natural bite alignment. If your teeth move closer together then flossing becomes difficult, raising the risk of developing gum disease and tooth loss. 

Speech Issues

As teeth help you make sounds when you speak, missing teeth will then alter your speech.

Bone Loss

Chewing with your teeth strengthens your jaw bone. If the stimulation stops, because of a missing tooth then bone loss can occur. 

Aged Looks

Your appearance depends on the structure of your face, which includes your teeth. Missing teeth then can cause sagging, making you look older than you really are.

Mental Health Problems

One study looking at the link between mental health and tooth loss discovered that levels of depression and anxiety were higher.

Lower Self Esteem

A similar study found that nearly 1/4 of people with missing teeth are too embarrassed to smile.

Lower Success in Job Interviews

The same study found that over 25% of those interviewed believed that a previous job interview was not successful because they had missing teeth.

How To Fix Your Missing Teeth Problems

At Rotary Way Oral Surgery, we want to help you smile again. With cosmetic dentistry such as dental implants, you could resolve the issues that come from missing teeth. So if you are missing a tooth due to decay, trauma, or gum disease then contact us about fitting your dental implants. You can enjoy the flexibility of replacing just one tooth with a dental implant or all of them with hybrid implants (also known as 4 in 1 implants). 

Dental implants are more than just cosmetic dentistry. They have great functional benefits too. In other words, they not only look like natural teeth giving you back your smile, but they also function like your original teeth. You could be surprised to find out how many health advantages they have over other tooth replacement options.

Contact us to book an appointment at Rotary Way Oral Surgery to see if dental implants are right for you. The team members will be happy to talk with you. Located conveniently in Vallejo, California, Rotary Way Oral Surgery serves all those in and around the surrounding region.

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