Benefits of dental implants

Smiling closeup of man's mouth - Dental Implants, Vallejo CAEveryone wants to be able to flash a bright, brilliant, and healthy smile – but unfortunately for almost 180 million Americans that are missing at least one tooth (and the 40 million Americans that are missing all of their teeth), this just isn’t realistic without some form of dental implants.

Sadly, not only will missing teeth affect the way you feel, the way you look, and your confidence but it’s also going to have a serious and detrimental impact on your dental health as well as your overall well-being too.

Your teeth play a big role in protecting your body from illness and disease, which is why it’s so important to consider moving forward with dental implants that closely mimic your natural teeth.

Consisting of titanium posts that have been surgically implanted into your jaw, topped with a dental crown that looks exactly like a natural tooth, these implants restore your smile to brand-new condition – helping you eat, chew, talk, and giving you your confidence back.

Here at Rotary Way Oral Surgery we’ve been helping people rebuild their smiles with dental implants for quite a while now. Let’s take a little deeper into how these solutions can help you.

Breaking Down the Benefits of Dental Implants

As we touched on earlier, the best thing about dental implants is that they act just like your natural teeth which means they offer a wide variety of benefits impossible to get with other dental solutions.

For starters, the titanium post inserted directly into your jaw helps to promote healthy bone development that otherwise would not have occurred. This locks in your facial shape and helps to prevent future loose teeth or tooth loss.

Secondly, because these dental implants are securely bonded directly to your jaw they give you the
opportunity to eat your favorite foods the way you always did in the past. They completely restore
functionality and are much stronger than a lot of other dental solutions (especially solutions like dentures, for example) that are not as securely mounted.

Lastly, you’ll never have to worry about dealing with messy, sticky, uncomfortable and unpleasant
adhesives or ridiculous cleaning routines with dental implants the way you do with traditional dentures.

Instead, you simply brush your teeth the same way you always have with a nonabrasive toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. As long as you stick to this routine (and regularly floss) you’ll be good to go!

What Do Dental Implant Procedures Involve?

The specific procedure involved for securing dental implants into your smile will be entirely dependent on your overall dental health, the amount of teeth you will be replacing, and a few different factors.

This process will inevitably play out over a number of individual appointments where the oral surgeons at Rotary Way will thoroughly examine your mouth and your smile (using x-rays and bone scans) to determine how best to move forward.

To learn more about how you can almost overnight improve your smile, your confidence, and your health and wellness with dental implants contact us today at Rotary Way Oral Surgery for more details.

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