Dental Extractions

Dental extraction on female patient - Rotary Way, CA

When severe tooth decay and infection has affected several of your teeth, multiple extractions may be the best way to protect your oral health. Jeffrey Graves, DDS, offers multiple extraction services at Rotary Way Oral Surgery, in Vallejo, California. If you’re looking for an expert oral surgeon, call Rotary Way Oral Surgery or make an appointment online today.

Why would I need multiple extractions?

The most common reason that you might need to have several, or even all, of your teeth removed, is widespread tooth decay and infection. While you may be genetically inclined to tooth decay or periodontal disease, in many cases, severe decay and infection are due to poor hygiene and neglect. For example, around 15% of Americans avoid preventive dental care because of dental phobia, which ultimately leads to more severe oral health problems. 

You may also need to have several teeth removed following a traumatic accident if your teeth are too severely damaged to be saved. 

What should I expect when I have multiple teeth removed?

At Rotary Way Oral Surgery, Dr. Graves provides expert tooth extraction services. After an initial consultation to determine which teeth need to be removed, you schedule your extraction procedure.

Dr. Graves begins by thoroughly numbing your teeth and gums and gives you a sedative to ensure you stay comfortable and relaxed throughout your extractions. Then using either simple or surgical techniques, Dr. Graves removes your teeth. 

In many cases, after removing your teeth, Dr. Graves shapes and smooths your jaw to prepare it for dentures. He may also provide a bone graft to fill in your sockets and create a firm foundation for dental implants.

Dr. Graves completes your multiple extraction procedures by closing any incisions with dissolvable stitches. He also fits you with immediate dentures.

Call Rotary Way Oral Surgery or make an appointment online if you’re looking for an experienced surgeon to remove several or all of your teeth.

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