What Are The Benefits of Smiling

African American woman enjoying the benefits of smiling, with text - Rotary Way, CAMost would agree that a smile is one of the most appealing facial expressions. Yet, more than just eye candy, there are also many health benefits of smiling too. Let’s discuss some of the health benefits that can come from this simple facial expression. So read on to discover some tips on how your health can benefit from smiling.

Why Smile?

It Relieves Stress 

Stress can burden your life. Smiling will reduce stress and the appearance of stress. Your heart rate will actually lower too.

The next time you feel stressed, even if you don’t feel like smiling, try it! You will most likely feel a difference.

Smiling will reduce stress and the appearance of stress

Improve Your Mood 

A smile can help lift light moods of depression. Neural messages are activated by smiling and laughter and these trigger positive responses in your brain.

Your brain will release mood-boosting chemicals like dopamine and serotonin and neural communication boosting neuropeptides. All this cerebral activity will help you to feel good and improve your general feeling of well-being.

Boost Your Immune System 

Smiling can help improve the effective functioning of your immune system. This could be due to the relaxing effects of a smile that reduces stress. Smiling has also been seen to help your body to produce its own natural painkillers.

Lowers Your Blood Pressure 

Expressing a smile can cause an immediate reduction in your blood pressure. Why not test it out yourself with a blood pressure monitor. Take a normal reading, then try again with a smile on your face. You will see a difference.

Expressing a smile can cause an immediate reduction in your blood pressure

Make Connections

The warm appeal of a smile will help you in social situations. Others will recognize you as someone more approachable and trustworthy. You may also notice that a smile can be contagious, people who smile will make you smile and vice versa. The opposite is often true too about those with a more serious expression.

By smiling, you can be the person that encourages other people to smile throughout their day. No doubt this will bring more joy and less isolation in your life. You are also going to feel great satisfaction knowing that you have encouraged others to smile and have a better day too.

Restore Your Smile

Clearly, smiling has some excellent health benefits. It’s going to improve your mood by smiling, it will help you feel better and other areas of your health will see improvements, affecting your mind, body, and brain. Not everyone likes to smile though. For example, people with missing teeth may be embarrassed by smiling because of missing teeth. Don’t allow this situation to prevent you from enjoying the benefits mentioned in this article.

The surgeons at Rotary Way Oral Surgery, located in Vallejo, CA, can help restore a natural smile. One of the services they offer to their patients is dental implants. They look and feel like real teeth making them an excellent solution to replace any missing teeth. Contact us to book an appointment with the surgeons to see if dental implants are right for you.

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